Rules of Play

For everyone’s safety, the following rules apply to ALL customers:



Additional Rules for Laser Storm

Laser Storm takes place in a darkened arena with smoke, flashing lights and loud music. Any participants affected by these factors should discuss this with staff before the event. If the person booking the event requests it, we can vary the way the event is run, as long as we have prior notice.

The events take place in the play frame. This contains obstacles that are less easy to see in the dark. Participants must take care when moving around the frame to avoid colliding with obstacles and other participants. Safety goggles are available for the wearers of spectacles.

Parents/Guardians remain responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children throughout their time at JR Zone

All children must be supervised by a responsible adult throughout their stay at JR Zone. JR Zone does NOT accept responsibility for supervising children.

These rules are amended from time to time. A full list of current rules and considerations are displayed at reception for your perusal prior to signing in.