JR Zone and Covid-19

Keeping Everyone Safe

In preparation for re-opening, the JR Zone team are putting in place a number of measures to keep both visitors and staff safe while at our play centre. We have put in place rigorous cleaning protocols to limit the possibility of coronavirus transmission. All touchpoints (e.g. handrails and gates) are cleaned regularly throughout the day, and the entire facility is ‘Fogged’ with disinfectant every night by Hillbans Pest Control. Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the site, and PPE will also be available for both adults and children.

Keeping facilities and equipment clean

To help everyone maintain good hygiene, we have implemented the following:

  • Signs and posters to build awareness of good handwashing technique, the need to increase handwashing frequency, avoid touching your face and to cough or sneeze into your arm.
  • Providing regular reminders and signage to maintain hygiene standards
  • Providing hand sanitiser in multiple locations in addition to washrooms
  • Setting clear use and cleaning guidance for toilets to ensure they are kept clean and social distancing is achieved
  • Enhancing cleaning for busy areas
  • Providing more waste facilities and more frequent rubbish collection
  • Using disposable paper towels in handwashing facilities where possible

Keeping staff and customers safe

JR Zone commits to the following Government guidance to help facilities workplaces operate as safely as possible.

  • Carrying out a COVID-19 risk assessment in consultation with staff.
  • Maintaining 2 metres social distancing by re-designing spaces to maintain 2 metre distances between people.
  • Reinforcing cleaning processes, cleaning more frequently and paying close attention to high-contact objects like door handles and keyboards
  • Where people cannot be 2 metres apart at all times, managing transmission risk, for example by creating workplace shift patterns or fixed teams, or ensuring colleagues are facing away from each other
  • To provide clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene to visitors on arrival through signage and visual aids.